Really BIG Trees

One of our specialties is that we do have very large trees suitable for public or outdoor displays. These are probably not trees that you would bring into your house unless you have a LOT of space for them. This is a representative selection – there are quite a few more.

Fraser fir, 19′, Row 11
Balsam fir, 17 feet, Row 11
Fraser fir, 14′ (subtracting the bare part of trunk), Row 14
Fraser Fir, 17 feet, row 15
Fraser fir, 20 feet, Row 28
White spruce, 22 feet, row 29
White spruce, 19 feet, row 41
Douglas-fir, 19 feet, Row 69
Fraser fir, 20 feet, row 85
Douglas-fir, 19 feet, row 88
Douglas-fir, 15 feet, row 92
Colorado blue spruce, 14 feet, row 35
Colorado blue spruce, 15 feet, row 85